Bremtec Showed Us Brakes. We Showed Them the Accelerator to Success

I get to work with some pretty special businesses in this role. From car dealerships to caravans, trailers to tyres and so much more.

Bringing on a new client is always an exciting time for me; especially when it offers the opportunity to work with incredibly innovative product lines; and LeMyth by Bremtec, is one such product line.

After several discussions over the phone with Sales Director Victor Makrievski, I finally jumped on a plane to Melbourne to meet the amazing team taking the brakes world by storm!

Meeting Victor Makrievski and Steve Kreti was an experience within itself. Two unbelievably passionate guys who want to offer their customers the highest quality aftermarket brake friction products in Australia.

Bremtec is a brand well-known and trusted by the industry, boasting an annual manufacturing turnover exceeding 23 million brake pads and 4 million brake discs. Bremtec brakes are manufactured using the latest technologies and the highest grade raw materials; important elements required to attain an optimum balance of performance and safety.

Bremtec provide brakes for literally every car you can think of; and now, with the introduction of their new Australian exclusive brand LeMyth, they are poised to take on the performance car scene to an even greater extent.



With LeMyth, a global innovator in brake technology, Bremtec are aiming to redefine braking performance. The carbon ceramic brakes offer an impressive array of benefits, including:

 Highest Coefficient Brake Bite
 Zero brake fade
 Longer Durability
 60% Lighter than Steel
 Progressive Torque Curve
 Class Leading Fade Resistance
In short, replacing an original braking system with LeMyth products will significantly improve a car’s
braking performance.

So, question is, why have Bremtec enlisted the expertise of AusGarage?

In Victor’s very own words “the Australian marketplace is changing and we need to change with it. We have first-hand seen the benefits of reaching our key customers via digital media; enough to convince us that it truly is the better way for us to engage with our prospective customers. It’s the future.”

Vic goes on to say “we chose AusGarage because they understand us. When I say us, I mean, our industry, our customers. We have great quality products. We just need to communicate that effectively to our target market. We trust AusGarage will be able to help us with that.”

AusGarage will provide Bremtec Social Media Ad Management services to help the brand deliver a consistent message about their offering on Facebook and Instagram. We will create ads that engage and educate; showcasing the portfolio of brands on offer from the Bremtec stable; including Stolz and LeMyth.



In addition, we will be creating bespoke content featuring the products, to further drive the Bremtec message to prospective customers.

I am looking forward to working closely with the Bremtec team to bring about even more awareness and to raise the profile of Stolz and LeMyth’s availability in Australia.

At AusGarage, we’re definitely not putting the brakes on. The foot is flat to the floor as we aim to drive results for our client Bremtec!

Welcome aboard!

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