Digital Tuning For Ultimate Diesel Tuning

Ultimate Diesel Tuning is no stranger to AusGarage, having known our Director James Payne for some years.

When they called to tee up a meeting and discuss the opportunity to work with them, we, of course, jumped at the chance.

The initial meeting would be the first time I met with the UDT team and, on reflection, all I can say is that this team is certainly a cut above the rest when it comes to customer service, digital marketing and lead nurturing.

I think it’s important to note that UDT represent a small percentage of automotive workshops that are investing heavily in digital marketing and software technology to more efficiently and effectively manage customers coming through the pipeline.

According to recent research conducted by AAAA, while many workshops have seen growth in the last year (and expect demand to grow further over the next year), there are a significant proportion who are either standing still or even declining. Those workshops which are most optimistic about the future are more likely to be investing in technology and marketing, as well as using business performance metrics.

Based on this research, UDT would be considered a Leader; having taken significant steps to not only secure more leads, but effectively nurture those leads ongoing.

They have implemented an internal system that will assist in building stronger customer relationships and exceeding expectations at every step of the buying process. From site visit to enquiry through to initial contact, needs discovery and sale.

While witnessing this system in action was awe-inspiring in itself, what I was more impressed by was how excited the team was to have implemented this system. It was like they had had an epiphany and I think they were probably singing to themselves “I Can See Clearly Now…” It was as if for the first time, they were seeing the wood through the trees and could now better service their customers and better manage their team.

I found each and every one of the team passionate about what they do and the industry they serve. Customer service wise, I found no fault to be found. Every time I called to speak with one of the management team, the person answering the phone was always friendly and genuinely happy to speak with me. I can only imagine how valued their customers must feel.

I could go on and on about how great Ultimate Diesel Tuning is, but I’d be here for a very long time.

Given that they knew James before me, I asked James what he thought of the new working relationship forged with UDT. He said:

“UDT is one of those exciting examples of a business that has created a great model and the internal structures to match. Their team have been doing an amazing job to drive growth to this point and this allows us to work together and really take their inbound marketing initiatives to the next level. Our key focus will be on driving efficiency both in ad spend and better qualified leads for their sales team through conversion rate optimisation.”

So why did UDT come to AusGarage? Based on their strategy to roll-out a franchise model of the business in 2018/2019 and as part of their commitment to improving, enhancing and implementing robust systems and processes, UDT was after a partnership with an automotive-based marketing agency. Knowing that AusGarage has extensive experience in content creation and digital marketing for the automotive industry, Rob Gooley (one of the owners of UDT) engaged AusGarage to enhance online presence and integrate with pre-existing internal systems, including the newly implemented CRM.

Via a process of audit, analysis, experimentation (A/B testing) and implementation, AusGarage will seek to improve the performance of the Ultimate Diesel Tuning website with the goal of improving user experience, user flow, decreasing bounce rate, increasing web enquiries and more. Furthermore, we will be assisting in an educational capacity on best practice for Facebook ad campaign management.

With the team at AusGarage, I look forward to working alongside Ultimate Diesel Tuning; helping them enhance and implement systems and processes that will carry them on to the next phase of their growth.