Dobinsons Spring Into Action With AusGarage

I met Matthew Colley from Dobinsons Spring and Suspension during an on location film shoot with Wild Boar Campers in May this year. The entire AusGarage team were onsite for two nights to capture Wild Boars Owners Trip.

The weekend was quite a spectacle, with over 70 camper trailers, a 70’s live band, a feast fit for any king and a community of camping enthusiasts super passionate about their Wild Boar Camper.

I’ve known the crew from Wild Boar for a number of years and I have grown quite close to them and consider them more friends than clients…in fact, I’d probably go as far to say family. They are an exceptional group of people who care so much for their customers and for the industry they serve.

First impressions of Matt was that he was a bit of a larrikin. Loves a laugh, enjoys a drink and is a family man through and through. On top of that, he is also a smart operator when it comes to managing Dobinsons at Brendale.

Wasn’t too long after we met at Wild Boar’s Bush Bash, that I was visiting Dobinsons Brendale and being given the grand tour. I was blown away to say the least. Inventory storage, workshop facilities, retail store and more.

Matt and I talked about content, digital marketing, car wraps and customer promo gear. Matt really displayed his expertise in branding, marketing and customer relationship management. It was this expertise that lead me to meet him in the first place, as he agreed to sponsor Wild Boars’ Bush Bash with a number of prize giveaways for campers coming to the event.

As part of this sponsorship, AusGarage were asked to produce a video for Dobinsons.

Dobinsons, a leader in the Spring Industry established in 1953, have engaged us to produce a number of content deliverables featuring their brand story and capabilities.

The first series of videos will follow the custom build of a Nissan Navara. The motivation behind this is to display the practical application of Dobinsons products.

The next lot of content will be filmed in the Moreton Bay Region on Bribie Island. It will feature a number of customer-owned vehicles that have had Dobinsons products fitted. The aim of this content piece is to not only display once again the practical application of Dobinsons products and what vehicles are capable of as a result of Dobinsons products, but to also showcase the camaraderie of those participating in the film shoot and highlight the strength of the Dobinsons community.

As a team, we are incredibly excited to be working with the Dobinsons brand. It truly speaks to our core of working with automotive brands. We are passionate story tellers who love all aspects of the automotive industry so, when we are given the opportunity to work with another auto brand, our creative juices start flowing in anticipation.

We are quite unique when it comes to digital agencies. Not only are we automotive specific, we also have our own team of in-house content creators. This means the same people who are working on a clients strategy are there with clients on production days. We make it our mission to know client brands inside out which means we are better equipped to deliver content or digital ad campaigns that attract, engage and convert!

Stay tuned for our next series of video content.