SUMNER, Queensland. – August 17, 2018 –

AusGarage, an Australian leader in automotive content and digital marketing, announced today that PWR has confirmed engagement of AusGarage once again for a further 12-months of bespoke content production.

PWR (ASX: PWH), a leading provider of cooling solutions for race categories around the world; including Formula 1®, NASCAR™ and World Rally Championship as well as the automotive aftermarket in Australia and the USA, expressed their satisfaction with content created by AusGarage in financial year 2017/2018; saying it was only natural they continue the relationship.

PWR engaged AusGarage in 2017 to create a series of video deliverables to further engage and educate their customers and prospective consumers.

It was noted at the time that while they have a well-recognised brand and people know they are the best at what they do, it was one of the best kept secrets.

PWR have a great story and product, however as a brand, it was identified they needed to better engage with their potential consumer-base; communicating their message, product range and expertise in performance cooling.

So far, AusGarage have created several high-end and high performing content deliverables, facilitating and coordinating cooperative content production opportunities with Bitten Motorsport, Rides by Kam and Power Torque Engines.

To date, videos have been viewed more than 250,000 times collectively.

This year AusGarage and PWR, collaboratively, intend to create several more content pieces that display not only PWR’s product range and expertise, but also the practical application of their range of cooling products, both on and off the track.

AusGarage Director James Payne says “We love working with the team at PWR. They are world leaders in their industry with a culture of innovation and a true desire to achieve perfection. These are values that align well with our team at AusGarage”

AusGarage look forward to assisting PWR in engaging with their existing and prospective clientele while raising awareness of their advanced cooling technologies and capability to deliver bespoke cooling solutions into conventional markets, and markets of emerging technologies such as electric vehicle (EV) and battery cooling.

As PWR’s technology sets them apart from their competition, AusGarage’s automotive marketing expertise sets them apart from theirs. Together, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the ever-changing and ever-competitive automotive industry.

About the Company: AusGarage are an automotive-focused digital campaign management agency committed to creating powerful stories, stunning imagery and curated written content to fuel robust marketing campaigns that convert. AusGarage work campaign management in two separate categories; in-house content production and digital distribution. They consist of a team passionate about cars, camping, boating and the outdoors. They know the automotive industry as they deal with it every day!

Bernard Raffaut

About Bernard Raffaut

Bernard is an Account Director and collaborator who takes pride in every relationship. He takes a strategic and collaborative approach to marketing - working on a personal level to create real life campaigns that render real life results. When Bernie is not on the phone or checking in on clients he enjoys spending quality time with his family and volunteering at community events.

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