ASV Gets Rolling with AusGarage

ASV Euro Car Parts

Bernard Raffaut – Account Director

For those of you who know me, you understand what drives (pun intended) me. I’m happiest when I’m helping people…and more specifically, helping people in their business. When I started working with the AusGarage team, I knew it presented a very real opportunity for me to expand my client base and delve even deeper into an incredibly innovative industry; and when I say industry, I mean both the digital marketing industry and the automotive industry.

So far, my transition from print publishing to content creation and digital marketing has been exceptionally rewarding; presenting me with a new breed of clientele eager to create their own content and show it to the world using digital marketing tactics; tactics that many businesses still find difficult to embrace let alone understand.

Recently, AusGarage was appointed the retained content marketing agency for ASV Euro Car Parts; Australia’s largest seller of new and used European spare car parts! As part of this relationship, we will be managing the content marketing for ASV P-free; a revolutionary puncture free tyre technology available for the first time in Australia! Over the next 12-months, AusGarage will create a number of video content deliverables promoting ASV P-free as well as educating the Australian market on the innovation and technology behind the remarkable tyre!

Furthermore, we will work closely with the ASV team to launch their first eCommerce website – We are excited to be part of such a significant milestone in the companies history.


ASV Euro Car Parts has been in operation for over 30 years; starting out as a small, family owned mechanical workshop on Sydney’s northern beaches. The business expanded into dismantling vehicles to meet the ever increasing demand for quality used European vehicle parts. With a national network spanning Australia and New Zealand and a supply chain that includes Europe, Japan and the Asian continent, ASV offer customers a broad range of parts and a customer service stand that is second to none!

AusGarage will be responsible for video content creation, Google AdWords management and website development for ASV Headlights and ASV P-free. Major areas of focus when considering production and strategy will be brand building, generating awareness, educating the market, and increasing engagement.

ASV P-free was born based on ASV’s years of industry experience, product knowledge and commitment to quality. The first-to-market to Australia with a puncture free tyre; the innovative technology behind the ASV P-free™ tyre ensures consumers enjoy a comfortable, safe and uninterrupted journey to their destination…every time.

The tyres contain a self-sealing gel comprising of three essential ingredients – a thermoplastic elastomer, resin and rubber processing/extender oil. In the instance of a puncture by a nail or sharp foreign object, the gel application (which has an Australian Patent) immediately self-seals around the object that penetrating the tyre.


Chatting with AusGarage Director and Founder James Payne, he commented with; “We’re pleased to be selected as the retained content marketing agency for ASV. We see immense opportunity to work creatively with the brand and we’re looking forward to creating some key content to help raise awareness of their unique offering to the Australian market.”


ASV Euro Car Parts have expressed their excitement to be partnering with the team at AusGarage and helping them take their digital and eCommerce platforms to the next level.

As for my take on the new partnership; I really look forward to working together with the ASV team and seeking new and innovative (and of course creative) ways to showcase their amazing product. Might even buy a set for my car…if they do me a good deal ;).


I truly believe ASV and AusGarage are the perfect fit; with one major thing in common – automotive…and ASV expresses it perfectly on their website…”we know our cars, we understand car parts and we respect our customers”…so do we ASV…so do we.

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