Open Your Eyes, Not Everyone Is Competition

[holo_row][holo_column size=”col-sm-12″][holo_text margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” unique_id=”holo_text-6289″] Relative to our bigger neighbours, Australia is a small market. Break that down to automotive businesses in Australia and it gets significantly smaller. Despite our size and customer base the auto industry has proven time and time again that we can lead the way. We are lucky enough to enjoy a wealth of quality products…

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AusGarage Motor Show

AusGarage were lucky enough to have Lewis Vaughn ( Metal Made Beautiful ) up from Sydney for our first Motor Show in Brisbane. Below is his write up of the event, Lewis will be doing feature blogs for AusGarage in the future so you will be sure to see the name around in the coming weeks. February 1st 2014 now marks the very…

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