About SLRV

SLRV Expedition Vehicles & Caravans offer a luxury range of 4×4 Expedition Vehicles and Off road Caravans. Their features are second to none, with amenities and purpose designed power and water systems for remote travel. Throughout Australia and overseas, SLRV Vehicles have proven to be the ultimate in off road free camping.

The Strategy

SLRV came to AusGarage wanting to increase their social media traffic through engaging content marketing, as well as educating their audience on the features of their vehicles, and offer an insight into the extent of their off-road capabilities.

The Results

The result was highly engaging content that was able to educate and inspire their audience. When we started, there was little [information] available that demonstrated the high performance of the SLRV range of vehicles. Throughout our campaign we were able to inform and entertain new audiences driving brand awareness, engagement and enquiries. As a result of implementing Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel we were able to track results and retarget audiences giving a clear view of customer demographics. 

See below what we achieved over a 6 month period on social media.

Video Views increase
Engaged Users increase
Actions (clicks to website) increase