Run by three Australian brothers who are engineers, boilermakers and industrial designers, SLRV is famous around the world for their extreme terrain motorhomes.

SLRV build vehicles to explore areas of the world others simply can't.

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The Challenge At Hand

As a top-line SLRV Commander costs approx. $700k, the challenge SLRV face is the 'decision process' for their market.

SLRV are competing with not just other motorhome brands - they also compete with yacht builders for their adventurous client base.

Our Ideas And Pitch

After researching the market, we discovered that SLRV has one of the most educated, discerning audiences.

AusGarage proposed a strategy to elevate the SLRV brand across all of their market segments using lifestyle focused content and social media.

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The Client's Results

SLRV were delighted with how AusGarage perfectly captured the capability of SLRV's product range.

We helped entertain and educate while driving brand awareness, engagement and enquiries online. The project was a huge success.

Behind The Scenes

The AusGarage team love a good adventure, so you can imagine our reactions when SLRV reached out to us.

After scoping out some stunning Aussie locations, we flew up and met the SLRV team onsite. Let's just say, owning an SLRV is now part of our retirement plans.

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