PMQ approached AusGarage with a goal to brand their new Race Car Platform – PMQ T1. The PMQ team is well known as a high performance motorsport team and were looking to take their R&D and develop a platform that is available to enthusiasts in an all inclusive race car package. AusGarage was able to follow along with PMQ as they developed their car and brought it to a new market. A complete branding package was delivered as well as a launch event held at Willim’s Motor Group, Brisbane.

The T1 project was fantastic to be a part of, as the product was exciting and something we had seen grow over the years at many motorsport events we have attended. We agreed with the client that we wanted a high tech, modern logo that had a bold and striking presence.  It was to be used across the team merch, livery, car badge etc. so it had to be versatile and self contained. The result was a strong logo that perfectly resembled the team and the future of the PMQ T1. 


PMQ T1 – Race Car Branding




Account Manager:  James Payne

Lead Designer: Tyler Hood