ASV Gets Rolling with AusGarage

Bernard Raffaut – Account Director For those of you who know me, you understand what drives (pun intended) me. I’m happiest when I’m helping people…and more specifically, helping people in their business. When I started working with the AusGarage team, I knew it presented a very real opportunity for me to expand my client base and delve even deeper into an…

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PWR Turns Up the Heat with AusGarage

Bernard Raffaut – Account Director at AusGarage World-class, industry leading, state of the art, high performance…all words synonymous with a brand that AusGarage is excited to be working with. PWR is a leading provider of cooling solutions for race categories around the world; including V8 Supercars, Formula1, NASCAR and INDYCAR. Sounds exciting hey? Well it is. PWR manufacture high performance aluminium…

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Customers Don’t Care How Professional You Are!

I must admit, the title is slightly deceiving. Customers do and always will care how professional your business is. The truth is, the idea of professionalism has changed. It used to be good enough if your business had a nice corporate image. Professional logos, matching uniforms and some nice consistent branding on your shopfront/website was all you needed. This is…

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Make Your Brand Stand Out In A Busy Digital Market

[holo_row][holo_column size=”col-sm-12″][holo_text margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” unique_id=”holo_text-5099″] We live in an exciting time. Technology doesn’t just add to our lifestyle, it is an integral part. While you are reading this article there is a good chance you have multiple devices in front of you. How often are you reading something on your phone, while glancing over to your TV, or computer and…

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Open Your Eyes, Not Everyone Is Competition

[holo_row][holo_column size=”col-sm-12″][holo_text margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” unique_id=”holo_text-6289″] Relative to our bigger neighbours, Australia is a small market. Break that down to automotive businesses in Australia and it gets significantly smaller. Despite our size and customer base the auto industry has proven time and time again that we can lead the way. We are lucky enough to enjoy a wealth of quality products…

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