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Here at AusGarage, we pride ourselves on having a team of auto enthusiasts. So what happens when you get a bunch of enthusiasts together in an office day after day? It would come as no shock to most that we spend a lot of time talking about our dream cars. That perfect car to suit all different uses. It is almost this natural cycle. You pick a desired use for the car, then spend time looking through car sales websites looking for prices, followed by the thought of trading in a current car and finally working out what you can actually afford.

Whether it be the ideal daily, supercar or even the ultimate weekender. There are endless options and thanks to our friends at 123 Cars the process has just become a lot easier. With Car Finance from 123 Cars all you need to do is make the decision of what car you are chasing and let them do the hard work for you. Take advantage of their association with Australia’s largest automotive group to access thousands of new and used vehicles across Australia at the very best prices. So now finding the car and getting finance is a quick and easy process, the hardest thing is picking what your dream car would be! Check out their site today to see how easy it is to get started.

So what would you pick? Here are a few of ours






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