SCD American Vehicles are a young energetic company that puts in maximum effort to get their product out on time. Their customers become part of their family and they make sure that their relationship continues long after they have purchased their dream vehicle. AusGarage was engaged to “lift the veil” and show the full SCD story to their target demographic. Through partner engagement, video production and digital distribution AusGarage were able to ensure SCD are a front of mind brand in their industry.

With this particular product it was all about getting the brand message right. Conveying the company enthusiasm and product quality through video and targeted distribution through Facebook campaigns. The Norwell track was organised at short notice as well as talent management of SCD’s celebrity ambassador Nick Kyrgios. 


SCD – Norwell (Featuring Nick Kyrgios)


Account Manager:  Bernard Raffaut

Director: James Payne

Camera Operator: Scott Nelson, Joel Browne