Performax have the largest and technologically most advanced conversion facility in Australia, Performax produces OEM comparable Chevrolet Silverados, Toyota Tundras, and GMC Denalis, Ford F-Series and Nissan Titans. AusGarage was lucky enough to have been given a new Chevrolet Silverado for a 3 day long video shoot and in return we gave them this little wrap up and an insight into our experience with the magnificent truck.

It is rare we get to show behind the scenes of what goes into our production days. 

Thanks to Performax International you get to come along for the ride as we film the Wild Boar Camper Trailers Australia Beach Bash. Our Art Director Tyler Hood explains the logistical challenges of the weekend and how that gave us the excuse to drive around a bad ass Silverado.


A Journey in the Performax Silverado – Presented by AusGarage




Account Manager:  Bernard Raffaut

Director: James Payne

Camera Operator: Tyler Hood, Joel Browne, David Duong, James Payne